Process Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Singapore

While most people are familiar with substance addictions (drug addiction or alcohol addiction), many do not realise that certain behaviours are also addictive and can lead to the development of process addictions. Process addiction treatment covers sex addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction and food addiction. People suffering from process addictions will experience similar negative consequences to those with substance addictions, such as failing relationships, financial distress, and problems with physical and emotional health.

Most Common Process Addictions In Singapore

In Singapore, process addictions are not uncommon, but are still not widely discussed. Some Singaporean sex addicts have recently come forward with their stories—stating that they knew something was wrong, but did not realise their problem was sex addiction until finding the term in an internet search. Many others secretly struggle with gambling addiction and its myriad of negative social and emotional consequences, despite governmental restrictions on gambling.

Further, people in Singapore spend more time on the internet than anywhere else in the world after India, and internet addiction is a real concern, especially amongst young people. When the compulsion to be connected interferes with daily life, internet addiction could be present and it may become one of Singapore’s most common addictions.

Types Of Treatment For Sex, Gambling, Internet And Food Addictions

Just as with substance addictions, there are two main types of addiction treatment for behavioural addictions, which occur in inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities.

Inpatient addiction treatment, otherwise known as residential rehab, provides 24 hour support at a location where the client resides during treatment. This type of rehab is typically reserved for those who have hit ‘rock bottom’ and would benefit greatly from being away from their usual surroundings.

Outpatient addiction treatment on the other hand, is specifically designed to allow those suffering from process addictions to remain at home, receiving treatment outside regular work hours so they may continue to meet both family and work responsibilities.

What are the benefits of outpatient addiction treatment?

Outpatient treatment centres offer a myriad of benefits, but most counsellors and clients would agree that the following benefits are of utmost importance:

  1. Convenience and flexibility. The Cabin Singapore is located conveniently in the city centre making it easy for anyone to get to. Appointments are also scheduled around regular working hours meaning that even the busiest of people can make time to receive the addiction treatment they need.
  1. Personalised and group counselling. Both one-on-one and group counselling sessions are important to the success of any addiction treatment programme. Both types of counselling services are part of our effective programme at our outpatient addiction clinic.
  1. Little Disruption. Being able to live at home during treatment means that our clients will experience little to no disruption to their normal life, other than attending appointments a few times per week.
  1. Support of family and friends. Another benefit of remaining at home is that clients will have the support of their family and friends during treatment. Having a good support system is extremely beneficial during recovery.
  1. Confidentiality. All treatment is kept strictly confidential. The only people who will know about your treatment are the people you choose to tell.

What Are The Challenges Of Treating Process Addiction vs. Substance Addiction?

Because there are no illegal and physically harmful substances involved, and the behaviours that cause process addictions such as sex, eating, and internet use are generally legal and ordinary, process addictions can be hard to spot in yourself or a loved one.

As well, most substance addiction treatment programmes are based on abstinence, but in the cases of food, sex or internet addictions abstinence is not possible (or highly improbable). Thus, it is important to ensure that you seek treatment at a centre that is qualified and experienced in treating these types of addictions.

Why Choose The Cabin Singapore For Your Addiction Treatment?

Most addiction treatment centres only provide treatment for substance addictions, and have little or no experience treating process addictions—which are becoming more and more common in Singapore. The Cabin Singapore however, is equipped to treat all addictions and our leading Recovery Zones treatment programme is especially effective in treating addictions where complete long term abstinence is not possible such as with food, sex, and internet addiction. In cases where the whole family has been affected by addiction, supplementary family consultation and therapy is also available as well as private counselling.

Our Western trained and accredited addiction specialists uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and have experience helping process addicts overcome their compulsions to enter long-term addiction recovery—ensuring privacy and success in your quest for addiction recovery.

By attending outpatient process addiction treatment at The Cabin’s discreet and conveniently located clinic in the Novena Medical Centre you will be able to overcome your addiction while continuing your career and personal responsibilities.

What Happens During Treatment?

At The Cabin SIngapore, clients are encouraged to book one individual counselling session and 2 to 3 group sessions per week to start. Depending on how well each client is responding to treatment, counsellors will modify the programme to fit the individual’s needs.

What Is The Cost Of Treatment?

In some cases, addiction treatment can be covered under your personal insurance plan. It is best to speak to one of our qualified staff members to find out whether or not your particular policy will cover treatment.

If your insurance plan does not cover the cost, rest assured that outpatient addiction treatment is a very cost-effective option when it comes to treating addiction.

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