Family Treatment Programme at The Cabin Singapore

Addiction is considered a family disease, as when one person is caught in the grip of addiction, the whole family is affected. Having a family member struggling with addiction can impact the financial stability, physical and mental health, overall dynamics and sense of unity of the entire family. This damage can be devastating and will take time to mend.

While families act with the best intentions, when one member has an addiction other family members will often fall into codependent roles or develop maladaptive behaviours/manners to cope with the illness. They do not realise that their actions and emotions have actually been supporting the illness and allowing it to continue. By participating in family treatment all members of the family will be able to learn ways to overcome addiction. All scientific studies on the subject point to significantly higher success rates when addiction treatment involves the whole family.

We understand that you have been through a lot and that it takes courage and determination for you to make the call to our treatment centre to get the help your loved one needs and deserves. Our goal is to provide you with guidance and encouragement during this difficult period and make the transition to sobriety and treatment as easy as possible for the entire family.

Why Choose Family Therapy at The Cabin Singapore?

Our counsellors have seen first-hand how addiction can destroy relationships and tear families apart. You may harbour anger and resentment or have lost trust in your loved one.

During treatment, your loved one will learn about their disease and work through the root causes of their addiction and how their behaviour has affected the people around them. By participating in the family programme you will also learn about addiction as a disease, as well as how addiction leads to codependency within the family.

Our expert team of compassionate addiction professionals will help families learn how to step out of codependent roles and stop enabling, and through group family sessions you will also begin to work on establishing healthy boundaries and repairing relationships. These are essential steps if you want your loved one to maintain the sobriety they will achieve through treatment, in the long term.

While attending The Cabin Singapore’s outpatient addiction treatment programme your loved one will return home each night after their treatment sessions, which can be a key advantage of this type of treatment – especially if you get help as a family, you will be able to actively and effectively support them in their endeavour to achieve recovery.

After your initial consultation with us you and your family may decide that residential treatment is the best choice for your loved one in which case we will help arrange for priority admission to our leading inpatient treatment programme, The Cabin Chiang Mai.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Residential Rehab

The Cabin Chiang Mai

he Cabin Rehab in Chiang Mai is only a short, direct flight away from Singapore and boasts a secluded and peaceful mountainside location away from all addiction triggers. Highly experienced, Western-accredited addiction therapists and around-the-clock Onsite Hospital Medical team provide each client with the highest quality of care. Our inpatient centre offers an enhanced Recovery Zones treatment that includes one-on-one counselling, group therapy, mindfulness therapy and personal fitness training as well as a family programme where loved ones can learn about addiction and the recovery process. Our tranquil and luxurious facility is the ideal setting to focus on wellness and healing.

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