Early Intervention at The Cabin Singapore

The Early Intervention programme at The Cabin Singapore is designed to help young people (ages 13-19) who are at risk for developing dependence and whose behaviour with alcohol or drug abuse is concerning to parents or educators. While many young people may try substances as a part of growing up, for some this can lead to chemical dependency and addiction.

Rates of binge drinking (drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time) are on the rise in Singapore especially amongst young people, and this type of alcohol abuse is most likely to lead to alcoholism in the future.

The Early Intervention programme intends to help teens curb the substance use or abuse problems before they become chemically dependent. The programme consists of substance use evaluation, education about addiction, teaching of healthy coping strategies and engaging young people in alternative behaviours to substance use. The client will learn how chemicals are affecting them, the dangers of long term use, and how to avoid temptation, peer pressure, and triggers that may lead back to drug and alcohol use.

Why The Cabin Singapore is Your Best Choice for Early Intervention

Early intervention sessions take place individually with an experienced addiction therapist at our convenient and discreet location within the Novena Medical Centre. Sessions can be scheduled in the evenings so they do not interfere with the client’s school schedule.

Our team is committed to preventing new cases of addiction and the early intervention programme will help your teen make healthy choices for his or her future. If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour surrounding drugs or alcohol, call us for a initial assessment to help you determine if our early intervention programme is right for you.

If you or a family member is struggling with a full blown addiction, there is also help available at The Cabin Chiang Mai inpatient rehab.

Residential Rehab at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai offers resort-like accommodation set amidst tropical gardens in the serene, forested foothills of Northern Thailand. Western trained and accredited therapists provide proven effective addiction treatment utilising our own unique Recovery Zones treatment programme along with individual therapy, mindfulness training, and other activities and excursions. Just a short flight from Singapore, our world-class inpatient facility provides a safe haven for clients to focus on healing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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