Alcohol Rehab in Singapore

Despite having lower rates of alcohol consumption than other developed nations, alcohol abuse, especially binge drinking amongst young adults, is on the rise in Singapore. As this a growing trend, people may be unaware of the fact that binge drinking and even what we sometimes perceive as ‘normal’ alcohol consumption can be problematic and lead to alcohol addiction – which poses dire consequences for both the individual addict and their family. 

If your or someone you love’s drinking is out of control get help now by calling our alcohol rehab in Singapore for a confidential initial assessment by an addiction treatment specialist who will support you to get the appropriate treatment.

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder that causes people to drink uncontrollably despite the negative effect on their lives. It can be detrimental to people’s relationships, finances, work and both physical and mental health. Prolonged alcohol abuse is associated with more than 200 diseases in addition to alcoholism, and can cause severe damage to the brain and liver as well as several types of cancer including cancer of the mouth, bowel, and breast.

Why The Cabin Singapore is Your Best Choice for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addressing the psychological and behavioural symptoms of alcohol addiction is the key to long-term recovery and this is accomplished through our Recovery Zones programme which uses the most effective psychotherapy treatment methods available today. Our highly experienced counsellors will get to the root causes of the client’s alcohol addiction, identify his triggers and teach him coping techniques for a life-long relapse prevention plan.

Apart from the Recovery Zones programme, some may opt for individual counselling and supplemental family therapy, as alcoholism is a disease that affects the whole family, not just the one abusing alcohol.

The Cabin Singapore’s outpatient treatment centre is conveniently yet discreetly located within the Novena Medical Centre. Attending outpatient alcohol addiction treatment allows our professional clients the opportunity to continue their careers and home responsibilities while receiving effective treatment in the evenings.

Depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction our specialists may need to refer you to our world-class residential treatment centre in Chiang Mai Thailand where you can receive medically assisted detox before transitioning into our leading inpatient treatment programme.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai is only a short, direct flight away from Singapore. Located amid beautiful subtropical mountains, The Cabin Chiang Mai is worlds away from all addiction triggers and an ideal setting to begin the healing process. Along with The Cabin’s 24hr Hospital, the inpatient centre offers an enhanced Recovery Zones treatment that includes one-on-one counselling, group therapy, mindfulness therapy and personal fitness training.

Clients get to enjoy a resort like atmosphere with stylish rooms, lush gardens, swimming pools, gym facilities, Sunday excursions and more while addressing the root causes of their addiction in a supportive environment.

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