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Statistics on cocaine abuse and addiction in Singapore are hard to come by, as they are based on actual drug arrests instead of use. While the drug arrests for cocaine are quite low, it is common speculation that cocaine abuse remains common among Singapore’s wealthy elite as well as being a favourite party addition in the club scene and the volume of individuals seeking cocaine addiction treatment in Singapore grows year on year.

What is cocaine addiction?

Cocaine is an incredibly addictive drug made from the leaves of the Coca plant. Snorted through the nose in powder form or injected into the body with a syringe when in liquid form, the drug floods the brain with dopamine. After taking cocaine repeatedly, the brain can become reliant on the drug for high levels of dopamine, finding it very difficult to feel satisfied when not high. Thus, an addiction is born.

Effects Of Cocaine Abuse And Addiction

There are many dangerous and negative side effects that come with abusing cocaine as follows:

  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • anxiety/restlessness
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • Dilated pupils
  • Increase risk of disease of the heart, stomach and kidneys/liver
  • Increased risk of strokes and seizures
  • Damage to nasal passages
  • Extreme weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Personality changes including aggression, psychosis, depression, insomnia and suicidal thoughts

Cocaine is also a very expensive drug, and cocaine addiction can quickly lead to a drained bank account. Relationships are also usually strained as the user’s aggression and other personality changes make it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with everyone from a significant other to friends and coworkers.

What Types Of Treatment Are Available For Cocaine Addiction?

There are two main types of cocaine addiction treatment which are inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities. For those who are suffering from a severe cocaine addiction, treatment at an inpatient/ residential rehab centre may be most recommended.

Those who are still high-functioning cocaine addicts will be more likely to benefit from an outpatient addiction treatment centre for several reasons.

Benefits Of Seeking Addiction Treatment At An Outpatient Rehab

Some of the main benefits that come with receiving cocaine addiction treatment in an outpatient facility are as follows:

  1. Convenient location.
    The Cabin Singapore is located in an easy-access part of the city, with public transportation options.
  1. Flexible schedule.
    Addiction rates run highest among Singapore’s top managers due to the stress and social aspect of doing business in Singapore. The Cabin Singapore is able to offer a flexible schedule that allows clients to continue to meet business and family obligations while getting the treatment they need outside of normal working hours.
  1. Well-rounded and effective addiction treatment programme.
    It is important to incorporate both one-on-one and group therapy sessions to get the best results in addiction treatment. Our treatment programme includes both types of sessions each week for the most well-rounded and effective programme we can offer.
  1. Cost-effective.
    Outpatient addiction treatment works much like a doctor’s office – our clients show up for appointments a few times a week and continue living at home. This means that outpatient rehab is much cheaper than inpatient rehab and is a much more affordable option for many.
  1. Support from loved ones.
    Because you have the opportunity to live at home, you will be around friends and loved ones who can help support you during your journey to recovery.
  1. Confidentiality.
    Confidentiality is of utmost importance for us at The Cabin Singapore. Our clients can rest assured that their cocaine addiction treatment will be kept quiet and completely confidential.

What Happens During Treatment?

Each case of addiction is different and so of course each treatment programme will be altered to fit individual needs. However, most of our outpatient treatment plans consist of one private counselling session and 2 to 3 group therapy sessions per week. The average duration of treatment is 6 months but it can be shortened or lengthened depending on how the addicted person is responding to the treatment.

Weekly sessions may also be decreased as the counsellor sees fit, depending again on how well the client is responding to the treatment. As mentioned earlier, no two cases are the same and the programme will be tailored to fit the needs of every individual in order to get the best results.

What Is The Cost Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Compared to residential rehab, entering an outpatient centre for cocaine addiction treatment is going to be a much cheaper option. However, it is important to remember that cost should not be the most important factor when it comes to choosing a treatment provider. Highly qualified staff and an effective programme should be at the very top of the list.

Will Insurance Cover The Treatment?

This depends on your own insurance policy. In many cases, yes, treatment for cocaine addiction will be covered but it is best to give us a call and speak with one of our administrative staff members to see whether or not your particular policy will cover treatment.

Why Choose The Cabin Singapore For Your Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, The Cabin Singapore offers an addiction treatment programme that is widely recognised as being at the forefront of addiction treatment not just regionally but all over the globe. Our own Recovery Zones treatment method is a unique combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), 12 Steps and mindfulness that come together to create an incredibly effective addiction treatment.

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The Cabin Residential Rehab

The Cabin Chiang Mai

A popular holiday destination for many Singapore residents, Chiang Mai is also home to The Cabin Addiction Services Group’s residential rehab – a luxurious resort-style inpatient addiction treatment centre. Maintaining a discrete and confidential facility, The Cabin Chiang Mai boasts an exceptional team of Western-trained counsellors and psychologists, as well as a medical team on site 24 hours per day – excellent for those clients needing full-time monitoring or medical supervision. This full-time rehab facility also incorporates physical fitness and mindfulness therapies to further enhance the road to recovery and boasts a 96% completion rate.

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