In today’s digital age convenience is king. With the tap of a button, we can order groceries, meals and even alcohol straight to our doorstep. These services offer unparalleled convenience, but also come with significant risk, particularly for people struggling with alcoholism.

In this blog, we’ll explore this issue and will take a close look at the alcohol delivery risk for addiction.

Alcohol Delivery Risk for Addiction

Increased Risks Caused by Alcohol Delivery

Here are some of the increased dangers to your sobriety caused by having access to alcohol delivery. The combination of these factors can lead to an increased risk of relapse.


When alcohol is readily available at home, people may tend to drink at home by themselves more often. This leads to isolation, which often keeps people trapped in a cycle of addiction.

Staying connected with others is so important if you have a problem with alcohol and want to remain sober.


Knowing that alcohol is only the tap of a button away acts as a serious trigger for some alcoholics. While previously the steps involved in buying alcohol were not particularly challenging, there was a process involved that may have dissuaded some people from relapsing. Someone with an alcohol problem would have to make the decision to walk to the shop, walk there, buy their alcohol and then walk home.

This provided some opportunity for the person with alcoholism to come to their senses which is not the case when you have access to alcohol delivery.


The anonymous nature of the service may provide further alcohol delivery risk for addiction. Previously those with alcohol addiction may have felt a sense of shame that stopped them from going to the same off-license repeatedly. 

The workers at an off-license may at some point have recognised that the person repeatedly coming into their shop had a problem with alcohol and stopped service to this person. This is no longer the case.

People can now buy alcohol with relative anonymity. If they request that the delivery driver leave the alcohol at their door they have complete anonymity.

Is Your Drinking
Out of Control?

How do I Stop Using Delivery Apps for Alcohol?

To decrease the alcohol delivery risk for addiction, you may be wondering how you can stop using these apps. There are a few ways of doing this.

Delete the Apps

You can delete your alcohol delivery apps from your phone and other digital devices. Realistically, though, if you have severe alcohol cravings you may just reinstall these apps.

Speak With Your Bank

You can ask your bank to stop payments to all of the apps that you use. The issue with this is that you can still use these apps and pay by card.

How Can I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

If you have a serious problem with alcohol, the tips above are unlikely to be of any help. This is because the compulsion to drink is so strong in people with alcoholism. You must instead address the issue of your alcoholism at its roots.

The most effective way of stopping drinking alcohol is with professional treatment. This usually means treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment centre. Centres like these provide you with everything you need to stop drinking alcohol.

The cornerstone of alcohol treatment programs is therapy. At The Cabin we incorporate both individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions into our programme.

Stopping Drinking Alcohol in Singapore

In Singapore, you have two distinct options for alcohol addiction treatment. The first of these is getting treatment in Singapore. The Cabin operates an outpatient treatment centre which can help you stop drinking and strategise ways that you can stay stopped for good. This is a good approach for Singapore residents who want to stop drinking without leaving the country.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Alcohol Treatment CentreThe Cabin also has an inpatient alcohol treatment centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At this centre, you will receive around-the-clock care and will engage in a deep dive into the reasons behind your alcohol consumption.

Inpatient treatment is the most effective option for those who have a severe alcohol addiction. It is almost important to bear in mind that inpatient is your only safe option for stopping drinking alcohol if you experience withdrawal symptoms.

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