The consequences of drug abuse are particularly serious in Singapore. In this blog from The Cabin we explore the dangers of using drugs within the country, and let you know how you can avoid the consequences from drug abuse.

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Consequences of Drug Abuse

Severe Legal Consequences of Drug Abuse

Possession of illegal drugs is a serious offence in Singapore, regardless of the quantity. If you are found with substances like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, cannabis and ecstasy you will face severe penalties. These include prison, fines and caning.

If you are convicted of importing, exporting, manufacturing or selling drugs, you are likely to face either a lengthy prison sentence or even the death penalty in some cases.

In Singapore, you can be imprisoned even if you are not caught with any drugs on your person. If you are given a drug test by authorities and illegal substances are found in your system you can be jailed, even if you consumed these drugs outside of Singapore.

Falling out With Family

Families in Singapore are often tight-knit, with multigenerational living arrangements common. Singapore families also tend to be quite conservative, and many believe that drugs are taboo and should not be taken.

This presents another of the consequences of drug abuse for Singaporeans who use drugs. If your drug use is found out, you risk being ostracized from your family. As families are often so close, this can mean losing connection to all family members.

Work Consequences

Many workplaces in Singapore operate a zero-tolerance policy for drugs. Singaporean companies often conduct drug testing in the workplace, and those who are found to have used illegal drugs are commonly fired.

If you are suspected of using drugs at a workplace in Singapore you will be asked to go through a drug test. While some people believe that they are able to disguise their drug use, this belief tends to be untrue, particularly if you are addicted to drugs.

There are still consequences of drug use if you work for yourself. People who use drugs are often unreliable and sometimes untrustworthy. If clients or contacts begin to notice that you are intoxicated, they may stop wanting to do business with you, and they may tell their friends. Singapore is a small place and news gets around fast. 

Are Drugs

Taking Over Your Life?

How to Avoid the Consequences of Drug Use

The only way to not face the consequences of drug use is to stop using drugs. And while it seems like some people can do this without too much difficulty, those who are prone to addiction have much greater challenges when quitting.

Due to the way that drugs change brain chemistry, people who are trying to quit using drugs often go through relapse after relapse. This is particularly true when they attempt to stop using narcotics by themselves.

This can lead people trying to quit drugs to believe that there is something wrong with them. Friends and family tell them that they are not trying hard enough.

If this is you it may be time to consider getting professional help. There are two choices here: outpatient and inpatient treatment.

Outpatient Drug Treatment

At an outpatient drug treatment in Singapore, you can work with addiction professionals who will help you get to the root of your problem with drugs. At our centre in Singapore, we offer one-on-one therapy, group sessions and complementary therapies including meditation, which work together to treat your addiction issues.

This is challenging yet worthwhile work. Rather than trying to “white-knuckle” sobriety, you will gain the tools and understanding you need to live a life that you love, without the use of drugs.

Inpatient Drug Treatment

The Cabin Chiang Mai Drugs Treatment CentreWhile outpatient drug treatment can help many people with their addiction to drugs, if you have a severe addiction, inpatient drug treatment is likely to be the only effective option for you.

Our centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand treats people with all types of addiction, no matter how severe. For those who need it, we offer a medical detox programme, which ensures the safety of the client during detox while significantly reducing detox symptoms.

The Cabin in Singapore and Chiang Mai

Whichever of our centres you choose, you are guaranteed to be treated courteously and professionally with The Cabin. For more information on how we can help you stop using drugs and avoid the consequences of drug abuse, contact The Cabin today at +65 3158 7621.

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